Fee Chart

Fee Schedule / Account Fees

Membership $2.50
Youth Account Membership FREE
Phone Transfers FREE
Phone Balance Inquiries FREE
Notary FREE
Notary (non members) $2.00
Voice Response Unit Inquiries FREE
Voice Response Unit Transactions FREE
Account History Inquiries 1 free per month thereafter $1.00
Account History Printout Current year: $1.00 per page
Account History Printouts 1 year or more prior: $2.00 per page
Account Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Photocopy of Check $1.50
Duplicate of Lien Release $5.00
Dormant account No activity for 1 year: $5.00 per month
IRA Enrollment Fee None
IRA Annual Fee Determined Annually
IRA Rollover/Direct Transfers (in or out) $10.00
Travel Money Card Small fee
Check payable to Third Party $1.00
Mailed to Third Party $1.00
Personal Checks Per Catalog
Returned Deposit Check $30.00
ACH NSF Return
(Each time an item is submitted or resubmitted for payment)
Overdraft covered by Savings Account FREE
Overdraft covered by Loan Advance FREE
Stop Payment ACH / Electronics $15.00
Stop Payment Share Draft $15.00
Stop Payment Credit Union Check $35.00
Personal Check, NSF
(Each time an item is submitted or resubmitted for payment)
Protested Check $20.00
Online Banking FREE
Gift Cards Small fee
Domestic Wire Out $20.00
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00
International Wire Out $30.00
Debit / Credit Card Re-Orders $10.00
Debit / Credit Pin Re-Orders $5.00