Credit / Debit cards

MasterCard Rewards Credit Cards

At Chen-Del-O, we offer two kinds of MasterCard Rewards credit cards to our members: Platinum (9.90%APR) and Classic (11.90%APR). We also offer Student Mastercards (and debit cards), with a parent signing as guarantor and credit limit of $1,000.00. Sign up today and receive a One Time Bonus of 250 points!!

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If you wish to check your balance or talk with a Credit Card Representative after office hours please call 1-800-872-1712.

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Debit cards

There are no "monthly fees" associated with our debit card. Fees vary depending on how you use the card as well as how often you use it. For example, if you are using it for a purchase (POS transaction) and select "credit" there are no fees.

However, if you select "debit", you will be required to use your PIN and there may be a fee. You would be required to use your PIN if you want cash back, so in that instance you may be charged. We allow 3 free PIN transactions per month, after which there is a $1 per PIN transaction fee.

ATM usage will require you to use your PIN. Withdrawals from other institutions will usually involve fees. The other institution will charge their fee. If you use a CO-OP network ATM there are no fees from the other institution. We do not charge you to use the ATM until you have used your PIN 3 times in a month, after which there is a $1 per PIN transaction fee. Please call the office if you have any questions.

In case of a lost Debit Card or Credit Card in the U.S. if our office is closed please call 1-800-325-3678 or for International please call 727-570-4881.

This will block your card, please contact the Credit Union on the next business day to have new cards reissued.