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Thank You!


For all our members and their guests for attending our Annual Meeting! We tried something a little different and it was a great success!




Secret Santa for
Sr. Citizens has gone sunny!!


We are bringing sunshine to our Senior Citizens!


Once again, with the help of Delaware County Office for the Aging, we will be collecting gifts May 1- June 30, 2017 for delivery in early July. A location in the lobby area will be set up for members to pick an individual listed by item. The items will need to be brought back wrapped in a cheerful patterned paper with the label on the front of it. We will also take monetary donations and will either buy left over items with it or donate it directly to the Office for the Aging to be used for other expenses or programs (ex: Meals on Wheels). The Senior Citizens are very appreciative and the Credit Union is happy we can help! 



Loan Rates

EFFECTIVE 05/17/2017

"Subject to Change"


VEHICLE LOANS:  (Includes Motorcycles) 

    2014-New:                                                                                    2013-Down: 

    72 Mos.                   3.85%APR                                                       60 Mos.            4.50%APR

    60 Mos.                    3.85%APR                                                      48 Mos.             4.25%APR

    48 Mos.                    3.60%APR                                                      36 Mos.             4.25%APR

     36 Mos.                    3.60%APR                                                      24 Mos.             4.00%APR

              24 Mos.                    3.40%APR




UNSECURED LOANS:                                                                   60 Mos.        8.50%APR

Borrow Up To $8,000                                                                       48 Mos.        7.50%APR

                                                                                                            36 Mos.        6.50%APR

                                                                                                            24 Mos.        5.50%APR


HOME EQUITY LOANS:                                                        Adjustable Rate (*VARIABLE)

                                                                                          based on the Prime Rate in the Wall St. Journal  

                                                                                                       *Contact the office for details            


SHARE COVERED LOANS:                                                  2.00%APR Above share or share

                                                                                                    certificate of the account used

                                                                                                    as security (Up to 96 mos.)  


  OVERDRAFT LOANS:                                                                11.90%APR



CLASSIC MASTERCARD:                                                            11.90%APR  

                                                                                             (Same Rate For Cash Advance)

PLATINUM MASTERCARD:                                                         9.90%APR




                         EQUIPMENT LOANS:                                          

96 Mos:                                                          11.00%APR                             

72 Mos:                                                          10.00%APR                      

60 Mos.                                                            9.00%APR                               

48 Mos.                                                            8.00%APR

36 Mos.                                                            7.00%APR




                2014-NEW                                           2013-DOWN

     12 - 96 MOS:    6.95% APR               12-96 MOS:    7.25% APR