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We are changing the look of our website, if you need help in finding something while we are going through the construction phase, please contact the office at 607-829-3560.  



Thank You!


For all our members and their guests for attending our Annual Meeting! We tried something a little different and it was a great success!




Secret Santa for
Sr. Citizens has gone sunny!!


We are bringing sunshine to our Senior Citizens!


Once again, with the help of Delaware County Office for the Aging, we will be collecting gifts May 1- June 30, 2017 for delivery in early July. A location in the lobby area will be set up for members to pick an individual listed by item. The items will need to be brought back wrapped in a cheerful patterned paper with the label on the front of it. We will also take monetary donations and will either buy left over items with it or donate it directly to the Office for the Aging to be used for other expenses or programs (ex: Meals on Wheels). The Senior Citizens are very appreciative and the Credit Union is happy we can help! 








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  8.  In the event of a dispute regarding transactions that have taken place through Home Banking, the Credit Union should be contacted immediately at 607-829-3560.  Written communication can also be made to Chen-Del-O FCU, PO Box 102, Franklin, NY  13775. All disputes must be brought to our attention within 60 days of the statement mailing. All claims will be investigated by the credit union and the user will be notified within 60 business days of our receiving the complaint.

  9.  Chen-Del-O FCU’s Home Banking site is “live”. When you use Home Banking your transactions are posted immediately to your account unless the case of unforeseen circumstances.

  10.  Responsibility for intentional or unintentional inaccuracy resides with the member. If for any reason you believe your account is inaccurate you are responsible to  notify the Credit Union as soon as possible so adjustments can be made.

  11.  Personal and financial privacy is one of our highest priorities. We make every effort to ensure your data’s security. We strive to ensure we meet all Federal, State and local laws regarding data transmission and DigiCert is our servicer’s seal. All transactions are logged and recorded to prevent abuse of the Home Banking service. In the event of misuse or abuse of our services, your information may be provided to third parties as permitted by law.

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