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Thank You!


For all our members and their guests for attending our Annual Meeting! We tried something a little different and it was a great success!




Secret Santa for
Sr. Citizens has gone sunny!!


We are bringing sunshine to our Senior Citizens!


Once again, with the help of Delaware County Office for the Aging, we will be collecting gifts May 1- June 30, 2017 for delivery in early July. A location in the lobby area will be set up for members to pick an individual listed by item. The items will need to be brought back wrapped in a cheerful patterned paper with the label on the front of it. We will also take monetary donations and will either buy left over items with it or donate it directly to the Office for the Aging to be used for other expenses or programs (ex: Meals on Wheels). The Senior Citizens are very appreciative and the Credit Union is happy we can help! 



Home Equity

Home Equity Fact Sheet and Fee Schedule - Effective 4/17/2017

  1. Based on 80% of the appraised value after subtracting any outstanding mortgage. The Credit Union will be in no more than 2nd place for a mortgage. (If a second mortgage exists, it will have to be paid in full with the proceeds of this loan.)
  2. Adjustable rate based on the Prime Rate in Wall St. Journal on February 20th , May 20th, August 20th, November 20th. The rate is to be adjusted quarterly the first business day of January, April, July and October of each year.
  3. $10,000 minimum line of credit, up to $120,000 maximum line of credit.
  4. Draw period is the first 5 years, minimum draws of $1,000.
  5. An initial minimum advance of $10,000 is required
  6. Payments are applied to the principal and interest with each payment
  7. All fees will be paid by the Credit Union if the member draws a minimum initial advance of $15,000. Appraisal fee is required at the time of application, but will be refunded if the minimum $15,000 is taken.
  8. No pre-payment penalties if the loan is repaid after 2 ½ years (30 months). There will be a closing cost fee reimbursement required if the loan is paid and closed prior to 2 ½ years (30 months).
  9. Fees:
    Appraisal                 $375             
    Attorney                  $250
    Recording Fees            $33                 
    Exemption Affidavit       $5
    Flood Determination       $22                 
    Mortgage Tax              ½ of 1.00% borrowed
  10. The normal closing time is 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of the initial application.
  11. If you have a current appraisal that is less than 6 months old we may be able to use that.


**As per recent Federal Regulation, any employees who handle or work with mortgages or Home Equities must be registered in the Federal Registry. This process entailed criminal background checks, as well as, fingerprinting. In accordance with the regulation, the following employees (each listed below with their NMLS Registration Number) have been registered:

Sue Giudice       476815                         
Angela Bankowski  880851
Susan McNeilly    476816                         
Kim Hyzer 1288430